Looking for the Tanners

We arrived! San Francisco was never on my “must visit” list but when the opportunity arose for me to participate in Wyndham’s travel writing seminar, I couldn’t pass it up.

Since my husband wasn’t able to make the trip with me, I invited the next best travel companion, my mom – and how appropriate as this Sunday is Mother’s Day.

We arrived at the airport desperate for coffee. We were on our way to the gate when my name was paged overhead. In my many years of travel this has never happened. When I listened to the rest of the page, my face turned a bright shade of crimson. I left my laptop at security. Despite that tiny hiccup the rest of the trip had been perfect.

We checked in to the amazing Parc55 hotel, located just steps away from Union Square and every store you could ever imagine: Cartier, Bloomingdales, Macys, Barneys.

Our big adventure of the day was taking the number 5 bus to Alamo Square Park. This park is home to the “painted ladies” or “postcard row.” Gorgeous Victorian homes, all lined up, on a steep incline away from the park.  We sat on a park bench, warmed by the afternoon sun, admiring them and remisincing about Full House – where the opening credits show the Tanner family playing in that very park and we wondered where Uncle Jesse, Joey, Michelle, DJ, Danny, Stephanie and Comet were…


~where are the tanner's~

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2 thoughts on “Looking for the Tanners

  1. How fun! I love SF! Enjoy your trip!

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