Preschool Prayer

Five years ago – we decided to try for you. It was a long road. We longed for you. We prayed for you. We railed against God when you didn’t come and when you finally came, to say we were overjoyed, would be a gross understatement. We noticed your every detail, every feature, every grimace, every scowl, every yawn, we gazed at you in awe. You were pure love, joy and light.

The last three and a half years, though we didn’t think it possible, we grew to love you more – falling more in love with you every day. You are incredibly funny, you have impeccable comedic timing for your age, you are kind, you are feisty and fierce, you are imaginative, you are compassionate, you are so special and we are so lucky.

In your short life, so far, you have had many adventures and we have left you with grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, other family members and good friends. You have always adjusted pretty quickly and are pretty excited to experience something new, albeit cautiously. Tomorrow, you embark on your first very big adventure : preschool.

Your bag is packed and you are ready. My sweet boy, you are ready. And, though, when the moment comes, as so many other big moments in your childhood, it is dripping with the bittersweetness of one chapter coming to a close and another brand new beginning.

I will watch you, wearing your giant Lightening McQueen backpack, your crazy “Minion hair,” walk down the hallway with your teacher, through teary eyes and will be anxiously awaiting to hear all about your silly day.

I pray that God will protect you. I pray that you are kind, you remember your manners, you share. I pray that you follow directions. I pray you make good choices. I pray you laugh. Play. Make new friends. I pray that you have fun. I pray that other kids are kind to you and you to them. I pray that you learn and grow in your independence. And I pray that you feel safe and happy at school. And I pray you aren’t the first kid to pee your pants. (and if you are, I pray the extra pants I packed, still fit you).

I love you, love bug. Have a great day at school and I will be right here to pick you up at the end of the day.

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