To sum me up? It’s not easy. I want to say, I love to travel, bake, take pictures and participate in crafty things….but these days, it’s generic, commonplace, ordinary.

Let me be a little more distinctive:

I love to tie on the apron my aunts made me for my Paris themed bridal shower in 2007. The sound of the beeping of my new stainless steel oven, letting me know it’s preheated and ready to turn batter into cupcakes, dough into bread, frozen lasagna into…just lasagna. I love the click, click, click of my gas burners (I grew up with electric) and love when my husband gets home and says, “what have you been baking?” with the smell of the above wafting through the doorway onto the porch.

I love to create. Whether it is through the lens of my canon or the brush in my hand – on my free days I like to “Do It Myself.” Thanks to Pinterest, I have been able to create a whole new kitchen, make my own tee-shirts, make countless desserts, organize my linen closets and rearrange my office.

And finally: I love the way travel makes me feel: nauseous before a flight, terrified of getting lost, excited with the prospects of overcoming challenges that always seem to find me, thoughtful when reflecting on the day in a journal, sad to leave, relieved to be home.

On April 12, 2012, I was chosen to be one of Wyndham’s new travel bloggers for Women on Their Way. In the up coming year, I will chronicle my traveling journeys with Wyndham (and other journeys) This blog will be an extension of myself – like everyone else’s blog – but I will continue to seek and show something extraordinary.

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