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Our Oompa Loompa

On Sunday, Cameron was five days old and my milk finally came in but he refused to eat. I felt like a had two gallons of milk attached to my chest and he just couldn’t latch. After each feeding, we were both soaked with milk, frustrated and one or both of us were usually in tears.

Even though we were told that infants have tiny tummies and don’t need to eat a lot, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was unintentionally starving my baby.

I couldn’t wait until our pediatrician’s appointment the next day.

We got there and weighed him. He had lost a half a pound over the weekend and my little babe looked like an oompa loompa, he was tiny, lethargic and a sad shade of orange. The doctor asked about feeding him and I was so grateful for my husband because I couldn’t speak through my sobs.

Our doctor was incredibly kind and compassionate. He offered him two ounces of formula to see if he was capable of eating. He ate it in about five minutes – which was a very good sign.

We were then sent to get blood drawn to check his bilirubin levels. He told us to go home, feed every two hours and wait for his phone call to get our results.

The phone rang about five minutes after we got home. Cameron needed to be admitted to the hospital, bilirubin and sodium levels were too high. I was only five days postpartum, operating on very little sleep and couldn’t control my tears, I was sobbing in the backseat holding on to tiny orange fingers, while Matt drove us to the hospital.

We were admitted right away and shown to a room with an incubator, a twin bed and a pullout couch. It was going to be a long night. Cue the tears. Again.

They took the babe’s vitals, got him an IV, hooked him up to heart monitors, put on his baby sunglasses and laid him in his incubator on his billi light.
shades in incub

To see my tiny son hooked up to wires was beyond terrifying. My mind kept envisioning the worst even though every nurse reassured me that this was so common and he was going to be better in the morning.

How do you cope when your perfect baby is sick? What do you do when there is nothing you can do? I felt so helpless. I felt so sad. Melancholy, miserable, depressed. Only five days old and he had captured our hearts and became our world. The thought of losing him, heavy on our minds, was unbearable.

So we fought for him and alongside him. We prayed for him, for the nurses and doctors. We prayed for strength for each other. Matt and I held each other on the twin bed, trying our best to comfort each other.

Our instructions were to feed him every two hours –either formula or breastmilk. I had my heart set on nursing my baby and was afraid that if we gave him bottles he would never be able to nurse. But he needed to eat. I learned how to pump and were able to give him breastmilk bottles every two hours.

We settled in for a long night. We set alarms. I pumped and fed him. I pumped and Matt fed him. Repeat. We alternated guiding the tubes and cords out of the incubator so we could hold and comfort our baby boy while he ate.

They did another blood draw to recheck his levels. Nurses were in and out constantly checking, updating his chart, noting his feedings.

At 7 the next morning our pediatrician came in and was very happy with the progress over night. Cam was getting hydrated, fed and started having wet diapers and normal poop. I never thought I would be so happy to hear the words “normal poop.”

He set up an appointment with a lactation consultant for me that afternoon. She was patient and understanding. She taught me how to nurse and how to make sure he latched correctly. She brought her sensitive baby scale and we weighed him before he ate and after and it appeared that he was getting about 3 ounces from nursing. This time, they were happy tears.

I was finally nursing my son and bonding with him in a way I had dreamed about even before we got pregnant.

We were discharged that afternoon. We drove home and I had the confidence knowing that we, as family were going to be okay.

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Wine Vines in Napa

I am a momma’s girl, always have been. We moved around a lot when I was younger and making friends was easy for me but no one know ever knew me like my mom did. She kissed my boo-boos, was my shoulder to cry on, my sounding board and my best friend.  Still is.

When I had the opportunity to head to San Francisco for a one day Travel Blog seminar right near Mother’s Day, I thought it would be the perfect time for a girl’s weekend and possibly a side visit to wine country. We stayed four nights at the incredible Parc 55 Wydham hotel, right in the center of Union Square and the heart of downtown San Francisco.

~the heart of San Francisco~

We decided to spend one full day in wine country:Napa Valley, with four wineries on the agenda. To say that the scenery was breathtaking is an understatement. What’s the word that means absolutely gorgeous, totally unique, unspoiled? Whatever it is, that’s it.

The vines draped casually but meticulously over the trellis’ lined the gently (and infinitely) rolling hills of the Napa Valley, set against a background of the purest blue sky – unblemished by even a single cloud.  The brightly colored rose bushes strategically placed at the end of each row served as a guardian for the vines from the dangers of mold and other predators, acting like a canary in a coal mine. It was the epitome of picturesque.

chose to take a guided tour as to not have to forgo wine tasting for a designated driver. We took full advantage of Wine Country Tour Shuttle and the four wineries they introduced us to. We began the day with a quick stop at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Not even a hint of fog to spoil (or enhance – depending on your preference) the view.

~An unspoiled view of the Golden Gate~


The highlight of the tour was the V. Sattui Winery where we tasted seven…yes, seven different wines. Sweet, dry, red, white, sparkling, still. They were incredible and after seven pours, a bit potent. We kept getting this fear (or maybe it was advice) instilled in us – if you like a wine here, buy it, you will never find it outside Napa. So, obediantly, we placed our order for a case of wine to be shipped home, we then stumbled out of the tasting room into the deli. There were heaps of cheeses and other Napa Valley delicacies lining the walls. My mom and I, thinking it might be good to get some food in our bellies, pressed our noses up to the glass of the deli and carefully pointed to two black forest ham and gruyere Panini’s. They were grilled and then swiftly and tightly wrapped in tin foil for easy transportation.

V Sattui Winery, San Francisco, Wine Country, Napa Valley

~V Sattui Winery~

We exited the deli and sat at one of the many picnics tables and enjoyed an incredible lunch preparing ourselves for three more wineries on the tour. The scent of the hundreds of red, pink, orange and white roses was carried on the breeze and cooled our cheeks as we finished our lunch overlooking the flowering vines of the incredible Napa Valley.

~Grape Vines~

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